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Best Bike Rides Chicago

bbrccoverWritten for cyclists of all stripes, Best Bike Rides Chicago presents a variety of scenic tours in and around one of America’s prime urban destinations—from easy excursions for the Sunday cyclist to challenging rides for the veteran. Discover why Chicago is considered the nation’s best large city for biking.

Learn about little-known rides along the lakeshore, explore the network of regional bike paths, and get to know unique neighborhoods and communities. Farther out—whether you’re in the collar counties, Indiana, Michigan, or Wisconsin—the rides in the books will lead you to scores of parks, rivers, lakes, and stunning natural areas. . . not to mention quiet farm roads, charming towns, and unforgettable restaurants and shops.

The book is attractive, easy to use and contains a wealth of information like:

  • GPS coordinates
  • Detailed, mile-by-mile directions
  • Descriptions of an photos what you’ll see along the way
  • A Ride Finder to help you find the best rides for you

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