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Post an Amazon review, get a free book

Ted Villaire

Writing guidebooks is work intensive and time consuming. While researching the book, Best Rail Trails Illinois, I cycled and hiked on about 500 miles of trails throughout Illinois. While researching Camping Illinois, I visited about 170 public campgrounds within the sate.

Working from sunup to sundown, getting lost, getting caught in the rain, and eating unbelievable quantities of (often stale) peanuts and raisins takes its toll. Trust me.

Once home, I spend months surgically attached to my computer, transcribing notes, writing route descriptions, and drawing maps before submitting all the materials to my publisher. Sometimes it’s fun. More often, it’s hard work completed on a tight deadline.

Most guidebook authors, including myself, simply hope to break even. The best case scenario is a modest compensation that covers our expenses and time invested. The key, of course, is selling books.

One thing I’ve discovered is that honest reviews on Amazon help sell books. That’s why I’m offering this special deal. Here’s how it works:

1. Buy one of my books from your local bookstore or any online bookseller. (My books all appear in the right column on this website).
2. Post an honest review of the book on Amazon. (It’s easy to review books on Amazon; just scroll down the page and look for the gray box on the right that says, “create your own review.”)
3. Once you’ve posted the review, send me an e-mail to request any one of my books. I’ll gladly send it to you at no charge.

That’s all. Thanks.IMG_1234